I Slept Here.

This project was inspired by immense feelings of displacement for a ten month period in my life. I had no real home and floated from place to place and person to person. Now in a better place, physically and mentally, I went back an photographed the door of every place that harbored me when I was homeless, gaining closure and catharsis with that part of my life. These images were shot digitally, then made into negatives with photoshop and printed using the 19th century photography printing process cyanotype printing. Digital images are in black and white, with cyanotype prints in their natural blue monochromatic scale.

Apt. 3
Rm. 2118
Flat 444
Apt. 4
Rm. N107
House Num. 2520
Rm. 108BU
House Num. 1744
Rm. 611TE
4BP 188
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