Sigma Phi Epsilon House, 5th Avenue// A woman named Gail killed by house fire in the late 60s. Seen by residents frequently in basement in her nightgown; said to be a friendly entity who watches over the home.
Frederick Hotel Lobby//Young girl repeatedly seen running through lobby dressed in early 1900s clothing.
Dr. Grimes' Dental Office, 20th Street//Home to a family of ghosts, mother figure seen repeatedly in examination and procedure room. Said to remain in her old home to ensure the safety of her daughter.
Dr. Grimes' Office, 20th Street//A young girl named Lavina seen on staircase her drunken father apparently threw her down to her death. Although murdered, her ghost is said to be friendly, playful, and inquisitive.
Dr. Grimes' Office, 20th Street//A dark, angry figure heard stomping and slamming doors near top of staircase where Lavina was killed. His ghost is said to be extremely unfriendly and most likely the ghost of the drunken father who threw his young daughter down the stairs, killing her.
5th Street Hill//A young woman said to be killed in a car accident on the way to her wedding has been seen by many drivers late at night, wearing only a thin wedding dress. Usually spotted in the winter months.
Pritchard Hotel, Floor 10, Room 1003//A male figure seen in turn of the century clothing is said to walk the halls and incessantly ring the bell to room 1003.
Sharkey's Bar, Loft//A shadowy entity seen intermittently, thought to be extremely unfriendly and intending to cause harm.
River Park Hospital// A female nurse seen from the back wearing red pumps often seen by night shift, thought to watch over hospital staff and patients.
Marshall University Campus, Twin Towers East, Room 1218//The ghost of a young male student who apparently committed suicide in the room has been reported by students inhabiting the space.
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